2006 Protecting Australia Against Terrorism 2006

Protecting Australia Against Terrorism 2006

The first responsibility of the Australian Government is to protect Australia, its people and interests. Five years on from the attacks of 11 S eptember 2001 on the United States, terrorism remains a serious threat to Australia. This publication updates the 2004 edition of Protecting Australia Against Terrorism and describes the Australian Government’s counter-terrorism strategy. […]

Broadband Blueprint DCITA

Broadband Blueprint – DCITA 2006

Technology has had a significant and profound influence on Australian society. Technology has provided access to information, automation of processes, and organisation of business and social activities. An associated trend is new knowledge creation and its exploitation to drive value creation, productivity, and economic growth. Broadband is an enabling technology that fulfils a key role […]

Australian Games Industry Profile Insight GDAA Nov 2006

Australian Games Industry Profile Insight – GDAA November 2006

The Australian electronic games industry now generates revenues of approximately $110 million per annum and directly employs approximately 1600 people of which 1350 are permanent staff and 250 are contract staff. Both turnover and employment is highly concentrated in the largest eight companies within the industry, with these companies accounting for over 80% of industry […]

BITS Incubator Annual Report 2004-2005 – DCITA 2006

On 20 June 1999 the Australian Government announced that $158 million from the partial sale of Telstra would be allocated to the Building on IT Strengths (BITS) Program to promote innovation and commercial success in the information industries by encouraging the creation and growth of new high technology firms. A core element of the BITS […]

2006 Selling to Govt - A Guide for Business DoFA Oct 2006

Selling to Government – A Guide for Business in Australia – DoFA October 2006

The Australian Government is a large potential market for businesses of all sizes. From advertising and cleaning services to engineering and office equipment, and from training and project management to research and recruitment—government departments and agencies purchase a huge variety of goods and services from the private sector. As a supplier wanting to sell to […]

Digital Content Industry Futures CIE DCITA May 2005

Digital Content Industry Futures – CIE DCITA May 2005

This report examines the future for Australia’s digital content industries. It has been prepared collaboratively drawing on the views of the CIE and the Strategic Industry Leaders Group (the SILG) contributing to the Australian Government’s Digital Content Industry Action Agenda (DCIAA). Measuring and examining digital content is complicated by the fact that there is not […]

Australian Photovoltaics Industry Roadmap – BCSE July 2004

This Roadmap has been developed by the Australian Business Council for Sustainable Energy (BCSE), with financial support from the Australian Government through AusIndustry. The BCSE has developed this Roadmap to identify the potential of Australia’s Photovoltaics Industry and the economic, social and environmental benefits it could deliver over the next twenty-five years. It also sets out […]

2003 Selling to Fed Govt - A guide for SMEs AIIA ACS DCITA

Selling ICT to Federal Government – A guide for SMEs – AIIA ACS DCITA 2003

Selling anything to the Australian Government is challenging – selling Information and Communications Technology (ICT) is particularly competitive. There is considerable evidence to suggest that a large number of SMEs have long standing and successful relationships with Australian Government agencies. This is evident in the Department of Finance and Administration data that indicates over 60 […]

BITS Incubator Program Evaluation – Allen Consulting DCITA November 2003

The BITS Incubator Program is part of a commitment by the Australian Government to build on Australia’s information technology strengths, with funding of $78m over four years to June 2004. The BITS Incubator Program supports business incubators that help entrepreneurs turn their technology and ideas into successful and competitive businesses. The BITS Intelligent Island Program […]

Government Guidelines for giving Indemnities & Guarantees – DFA September 2003

These guidelines are designed to advise officials of their responsibilities when considering entering into arrangements involving issuing indemnities, guarantees, warranties, or letters of comfort on behalf of the Commonwealth. These guidelines also reinforce the importance of sound risk management strategies and awareness regarding the use of such instruments. These guidelines represent Australian Government policy and […]