2008 Innovation Review UNSW Submission Apr 2008

Innovation Review – UNSW Submission – April 2008

The University of New South Wales welcomes the opportunity to make a submission to the Review of Australia’s National Innovation System to the Expert Panel. This is a response to the “Review of the National Innovation System: A call for submissions” and makes practical recommendations to address these from a University research perspective. It is […]

2008 Innovation Review ARC Submission Apr 2008

Innovation Review – ARC Submission – April 2008

The Australian Research Council (ARC) is a statutory authority within the Australian Government’s Innovation, Industry, Science and Research portfolio. Its mission is to advance Australia’s research excellence to be globally competitive and deliver benefits to the community. The ARC provides advice to the Government on research matters and manages the National Competitive Grants Program (NCGP), […]

2008 Value of Spatial Information – Spatial Info CRC March 2008

Value of Spatial Information – Spatial Information CRC March 2008

The Cooperative Research Centre for Spatial Information (CRC-SI) commissioned this study with the following terms of reference: to establish the verified and quantified economic impact of spatial information to the Australian economy in 2006-7 year to estimate the cost of inefficient access to data and identify the factors operating to create these inefficiencies to consider […]

Digital Economy Consultation Paper – DBCDE December 2008

The Australian Government is seeking to increase the effective use of networked information and communication technologies (ICTs), especially the internet, by consumers and all businesses to drive higher productivity growth and community participation in the digital economy. The ‘digital economy’ refers to the global network of economic and social activities enabled by ICTs, particularly the […]

2007 SME Involvement in Australian Government ICT Contracts 2001-2003 Intermedium DCITA

SME Involvement in Australian Government ICT Contracts 2001-2003 – Intermedium DCITA 2007

The Department of Communications, Information Technology and the Arts (DCITA) provides administrative and secretariat services to the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Small to Medium Enterprise (SME) Joint Industry Government Working Party. The Government’s definition of an SME in the ICT sector is a body corporate incorporated in Australia or New Zealand which, together with its Related Bodies incorporated and […]

Fairness and Transparency in Public Sector Procurement ANAO August 2007

This Better Practice Guide (BPG) provides guidance about the important role that probity plays in public sector procurement. Probity during procurement is concerned with ensuring the integrity of procedures and processes put in place to provide fairness and transparency in purchasing decisions. The Australian Government spends approximately $29 billion annually on purchasing goods and services. […]

Australian Nanotechnology Capability Report – 3rd edition – Invest Australia May 2007

Nanotechnology is a thriving field of research, development and commercialisation in Australia. The country is renowned for its strong R&D credentials, innovative and highly skilled scientists, and enterprising workforce. Coupled with strong government support and strategic international alliances, Australian nanotechnology has delivered significant scientific breakthroughs that will have a lasting impact on our lives. Invest […]


Australian Software Industry and Vertical Markets – CIIER DCITA Feburary 2007

The project team was formed under the aegis of the Centre for Innovative Industry Economic Research Inc. (CIIER). This newly formed body brings together researchers and industry bodies to further our understanding of the innovative industries, including information and communications technology, biotechnology, nanotechnology and environmental technology. The project team was supported by the Australian Computer […]

Australian National Security Industry Directory – January 2007

Australian national security management and protection cannot be underestimated due to the role of Australian Government. All levels of government are involved in planning and the response to any threat within our borders. Protection ranges from intelligence gathering both in Australia and overseas through to management of critical infrastructure. The Attorney General’s Department defines critical […]

Australia's Intelligence Agencies

Overview of Australia’s Intelligence Agencies ONA 2006

Australia’s intelligence agencies play a crucial role in informing the government about developments overseas and in Australia that affect Australia’s national security and international interests. They are the front line in the fight against terrorism. In order to be effective, our intelligence agencies need to protect what they know, how they operate and their sources […]