Selling to Australian Govt - A Guide DFS Nov 2009

Selling to Australian Government Guide – DFS November 2009

This guide is relevant to suppliers looking to do business with Australian Government departments and agencies that are required to apply the Commonwealth Procurement Guidelines (the Guidelines). The Australian Government is a large potential market for businesses of all sizes. From advertising and cleaning services to engineering and office equipment, and from training and project […]

Management Matters in Innovation UTS DIISR Nov 2009

Management Matters in Innovation – UTS DIISR November 2009

This report reviews management practices in Australian manufacturing firms and the link between these practices and the productivity performance of firms. The Australian Government’s recent innovation white paper, Powering Ideas – An Innovation Agenda for the 21st Century, recognises that the improvement of Australia’s productivity performance will depend ultimately on the innovation capacity and performance […]

Australian Defence White Paper May 2009

Australian Defence White Paper – May 2009

Defence planning is, by its very nature, a complex and long-term business. Australian defence planning is one area of public policy where decisions taken in one decade have the potential to affect, for good or ill, Australia’s sovereignty and freedom of action for decades to come. The Government must make careful judgements about Australia’s long-term defence […]

NSW Premiers Job Summit Response April 2009

NSW Premiers Job Summit Response – April 2009

Australia is in the midst of unprecedented economic circumstances. The combined efforts of Government, business, peak bodies and employees are required to face the challenges ahead. In response to deteriorating global economic conditions, the NSW Jobs Summit was held over the 26th and 27th February 2009. Over 250 key business and community leaders, major employers […]

Review Homeland and Border Security – Ric Smith Decmeber 2008

At any time Australia faces threats from a range of sources which in different ways can put our institutions of state, our people, our economic assets and our technology at risk. These hazards include espionage, foreign interference, terrorism, politically motivated violence, border violations, drug trafficking, cyber attack, organised crime, natural disasters, industrial accidents and biosecurity […]

Australian National Counter-Terrorism Plan – Alert System October 2008

The National Counter-Terrorism Plan  (NCTP) outlines responsibilities, authorities and the mechanisms to prevent, or if they occur, manage acts of terrorism and their consequences within Australia. The NCTP will be updated as required and reviewed by the National Counter-Terrorism Committee (NCTC) at least every three years, as part of the review of counter-terrorism arrangements. A […]

Innovation Review – Green Paper – Cutler September 2008

We have known for several generations that innovation pre-eminently determines our prosperity. Yet innovation only began its prominence as a focus for Australian policy making in the 1980s. In addition to comprehensive policies to wean Australian industry off ad hoc production subsidies and trade protection, the Australian Government developed a range of policies to assist […]

Statement Intellectual Property Principles for Australian Government Agencies – July 2008

The Australian Government is a major investor in the creation and development of intellectual property (IP) through its many activities in science, health, education, public infrastructure, information technology, defence and arts and culture. The Intellectual Property Principles for Australian Government Agencies (‘the Statement of IP Principles’) provides a policy for the management of IP by […]

2008 Review of Australian Governments Use of-ICT Gershon August 2008

Review of Australian Government Use of ICT – Gershon August 2008

On 11 April 2008, the Minister for Finance and Deregulation, the Hon. Lindsay Tanner MP, announced my appointment to lead a review of the Australian Government use of ICT (information and communication technology). In response to the Terms of Reference, I employed an evidence-based approach to the review. There was a need to gain a […]

2008 Innovation Review - Angel Ass Submission Apr 2008

Innovation Review – Angel Association Submission April 2008

This submission responds to the Innovation Review Terms of Reference to assist the Panel identify gaps and weaknesses in the innovation system and develop proposals to address those gaps and weaknesses with the goal of improved commercial performance. The AAAI has identified the Funding Gap as a critical market failure in the national innovation system […]