Cloud Computing Strategy - AGIMO April 2011

Cloud Computing Strategy – AGIMO April 2011

The rapid growth in the availability of cloud services and high speed broadband connectivity, such as provided by the National Broadband Network (NBN), present opportunities and challenges to all levels of government in Australia in delivering services to individuals and industry. Cloud computing is a new way of delivering computing resources, not a new technology. […]

Govt Broadband Index Economist Intelligence Unit Feb 2011

Government Broadband Index – Economist Intelligence Unit February 2011

The growing perception that broadband is vital to economic prosperity has seen it become a crucial policy issue for governments worldwide. Although the private sector has usually led the rollout of basic broadband networks in the more densely populated parts of developed countries, commercial operators have seen little incentive to make costly investments in rural […]

Optimising Australia's Response to the Cyber Challenge - Kokoda Foundation February 2011

Optimising Australia’s Response to the Cyber Challenge – Kokoda Foundation February 2011

The Australian Government’s 2009 Cyber Security Strategy states that cyber security is one of Australia’s top-tier national security priorities. It highlights that Australia’s national security, economic prosperity and social wellbeing are critically dependent upon the availability, integrity and confidentiality of a range of information and communications technologies. There is a growing threat from state and […]

ACCC Advice on NBN Points of Interconnect – ACCC November 2010

This paper has been developed by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) in response to a request from the government for the ACCC and NBN Co Limited (NBN Co) to undertake a process, including public consultation, to seek to agree upon the number and location of initial Points of Interconnect (POI) for the National […]

Australian Government Industry Assistance Review – Productivity Commission June 2010

The Australian Government assists industries through an array of measures, including import tariffs, budgetary outlays, taxation concessions, and regulatory restrictions on competition.  Although assistance generally benefits the receiving industry, it can penalise other industries, taxpayers and consumers. Industry assistance measures are more likely to yield a net pay-off to the community when targeted at significant […]

Guide to Limiting Liability in Australian Govt ICT Contracts 2nd Edition May 2010

Guide to Limiting Liability in Australian Government ICT Contracts 2nd Edition – May 2010

The Australian Government represents the largest information communications technology (ICT) market in Australia and winning Australian Government contracts is often a crucial part of the success and growth of many Australian ICT companies. It provides them with opportunities to develop innovative solutions and to obtain internationally recognisable references to support their export efforts. The Australian […]

National Digital Economy Strategy DBCDE May 2010

National Digital Economy Strategy – DBCDE May 2010

The Australian Government’s aim is that, by 2020, Australia will be among the world’s leading digital economies. Ensuring that Australia becomes a leading digital economy will contribute to Australia’s productivity, maintain our global competitiveness and improve our social wellbeing. The government’s commitment to build the enabling infrastructure for the digital economy, the National Broadband Network […]

Henry Tax Report Released

1st May 2010. In the 2008–09 Budget the Australian Government announced a comprehensive ‘root and branch’ review of Australia’s tax system. The aim is to create a tax structure that will position Australia to deal with its social, economic and environmental challenges and enhance economic, social and environmental wellbeing. The terms of reference call for […]