Cultural Industries Innovation – Urban Informatics – ABF Foth March 2012

Concept of urban informatics looks at how cultural and creative institutions such as galleries, libraries, archives and museums can leverage these new developments to create greater opportunities for knowledge, democratisation, individual and community engagement and innovation for creative industries and practices. The fellowship paper explores the concept of urban informatics which covers how knowledge is […]

A Guide to Takeovers in Australia – Mallesons 2012

This guide provides a general introduction to key legal issues and considerations involved in making, or responding to, a bid to acquire control of a publicly-listed entity in Australia. The guide covers the: general laws and regulatory bodies governing acquisitions of interests in public companies; most common methods of acquiring control: off-market takeover bids, on-market […]

Latest International Country Comparisons – Austrade March 2012

Austrade ’s International Data Comparisons (IDC) is an easy-to-read comparison of Australia’s performance and position across key economic and financial related indicators. The IDC has been updated to include data effective to 15 March 2012. Australian National Accounts released March 7 showed that the Australian economy expanded by 0.4 per cent (seasonally adjusted) in the […]

Stimulating Venture Activity Through Government Investment – UNSW March 2012

Innovation and research can encourage economic and social development. The government can increase innovation by directly investing in research. However, public expenditure may be sub-optimal due to a lack of resources and the latent inefficiencies of a government bureaucracy. An alternative way to stimulate innovation is to provide grants and subsidies to private organisations that […]

Smart Digital Connected – Business Participation in the Digital Economy Neilsen Alcatel Lucent Report

20th Feb 2012. Smart.Digital.Connected provides a benchmark for how Australian organisations are engaging in the future digital economy, harnessing emerging communications tools. On behalf of Alcatel-Lucent, Australia, Nielsen surveyed 275 medium (20-200 staff) to large organisations (200 staff and greater) from a wide range of industry sectors. The report highlights the broad influence of digital […]

Business Model Innovation in Australia ABF DSK Jan 2012

Business Model Innovation in Australia – ABF DSK Jan 2012

A business model is how a firm creates value for customers, partners and itself. It is the firm’s answer to the questions: what to produce, for whom and how to make money doing so. Some people call this the business recipe, and in the past it was often the case that most firms in an […]

Australian ICT Statistical Compendium 2011 – ACS Jan 2012

The objective of ICT Statistical Compendium was to produce a series of ‘snapshots’ of statistical data on the ICT workforce for ACS members, industry and government, and a potential ‘bible’ for ICT users, incorporating statistics on the Australian ICT sector, ICT higher and vocational education, ICT trade, and ICT employment and skills. As with each […]

Free Legal Agreements for Entrepreneurs

1st Jan 2012. In conjunction with law firm DLA Piper, Sydney incubator Startmate has made available a free series of legal agreements suited to entrepreneurs. These can be downloaded below. Term Sheet: A summary of the terms of the investment. IP Deed of Assignment: The company owns the stuff you create not the people. Subscription […]

Convergence Review – Interim Report

The DBCDE has released its interim review of convergent media in Australia. The final report is due to be completed by the end of March 2012. The Interim Report has met with some concern from those parties who stand to be affected by regulatory changes in a converged media environment. Among the concerns are a […]