Directory of Australian Innovation Researchers – DIISR March 2013

The Department of Innovation, Industry, Science, Research and Tertiary Education seeks to build and sustain links with academics and researchers with an interest in Innovation Research and/or Innovation Policy. As part of this process, the Department has developed a community of academics and researchers working, or interested, in the field of innovation theory and practice. […]

Private Equity findings Spring 2010 – Coller Institute November 2010

Whether the industry likes it or not, private equity is becoming subject to even more public scrutiny. This trend has been playing out for a few years, but now the prospect of increasing regulation is looming across Europe and the US, the need for independent assessment of private equity’s impact on stakeholders has become greater. […]

2003 Measuring Creative Digital Content June 2003

Measuring Creative Digital Content – DCITA June 2003

This study has been undertaken for the Department of Communications, Information Technology and the Arts between 14 April, 2003 and 19 June, 2003. The conclusions are largely based on views expressed in a user survey conducted as part of the study as well as those offered in a range of face-to-face interviews with key organisations […]