Sydney’s Transport Infrastructure – CIE SMH September 2005

Sydneys Transport Infrastructure CIE SMH Sept 2005An efficient and sustainable transport system is critical to Sydney’s long term position as the economic epicentre of Australia and the general ‘liveability’ of the city. However, there are clear signs that Sydney’s transport infrastructure is unable to meet the needs of industry and the travelling public. Under investment in public transport has driven greater reliance on private vehicles to complete the ‘transport task’. The pressure on the system will only escalate with Sydney’s population expected to increase by an average of almost 42 000 people every year until 2020.

Download full reportIncreasing reliance on road transport looks set to continue as the rail network fails to keep pace with continued housing and employment growth in suburbs away from the rail network. But increasing reliance on road transport brings with it other costs – traffic congestion, accidents, pollution and greater expenditure on roads.

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