Super Angels Review – Are They Different – ARI October 2011

Super Angels Review - Are They Different - ARI October 2011The list of great companies that angel investors financed and helped build is enormous; brilliant innovations, great companies, jobs galore. Bell, Ford Motors, Apple, and Google: they all had funding from angels. Without the initial angel investment of Mike Markkula in Apple Computer, for example, Apple might have never launched in a meaningful way. His investment, alongside true entrepreneurial dedication, passion, and insight, helped launch a new industry. From group angel investors to super angels to investors that straddle the formal VC and angel investing worlds, the relationship between angels and entrepreneurs is vital.

Download full reportOver the past 15 years these angel investors have become significantly more professional, organized, and easier to “see” by the media following new ventures. Our focus here is to clarify the different types and activities of angel investors, with a detailed focus on a group of extremely active angel investors commonly referred to as Super Angels.

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