Smart Digital Connected – Business Participation in the Digital Economy Neilsen Alcatel Lucent Report

20th Feb 2012. Smart.Digital.Connected provides a benchmark for how Australian organisations are engaging in the future digital economy, harnessing emerging communications tools.

On behalf of Alcatel-Lucent, Australia, Nielsen surveyed 275 medium (20-200 staff) to large organisations (200 staff and greater) from a wide range of industry sectors. The report highlights the broad influence of digital technologies across the business and makes a strong case that digital strategy become a priority at the very highest levels of executive responsibility and strategy.

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Amongst its conclusions, the report reveals:

  • Three quarters of businesses already acknowledge significant productivity and efficiency gains and more than six in ten cite digital participation as a driver for profitability and growth. They highlight digital influence across a broad spectrum of business elements and acknowledge strong demand for them to innovate as customers and markets evolve.
  • More than nine out of ten respondents believe participation in the digital economy is a foundation for ongoing business strategy. They acknowledge digital disruption and anticipate continued business model transformation, driven by digital activity, across key elements of their organisations.
  • The vast majority of businesses are already broadband-enabled, but three quarters of respondents recognise emerging national broadband infrastructure, incorporating the National Broadband Network and future mobile networks, as an essential driver for future digital participation.

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