Science Technology and Industry Scoreboard – OECD 2007

2007 Science Technology and Industry Scoreboard OECDThis eighth edition of the Science Technology and Industry Scoreboard brings together the latest data and indicators on trends in knowledge, on globalisation and on its impact on economic performance in OECD and non-member economies. In this edition, the focus broadens to include emerging countries, with a special focus on the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa). New data document trends in public support for knowledge creation and diffusion, and new indicators point to the changing landscape of countries’ scientific specialisation and innovation performance.

Download the full reportNew sources of data on the international mobility of the highly skilled provide a more complete picture of the role of scientific and technological human capital as an engine of growth. Information on emerging fields (biotechnology, nanotechnology and the environment) reveals the increasing linkages between science and technology.

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