Australian Informal Venture Capitalists – A Profile – Hindle Swinburne University 1999

This paper reports a project which employed a convenience sampling technique compatible with similar international investigations to develop an exploratory and suggestive profile of Australia’s business Angels. Four objectives motivated the study. First, the research was designed to complement the ‘Angels’ research done by others thus helping to augment the existing world-wide picture of Angel […]

Angel Investors: A Synthesis of International Studies – Hindle Swinburne University December 1999

The purpose of the study reported in this paper was to compile and compare the findings of all robust international research providing national profiles of angel investors (informal venture capitalists). Units of analysis comprised all research articles published in refereed, English-language, scholarly journals as at December 1999. The endeavour was to collect and examine a […]

Creating Prosperity in New South Wales – Role of ICT – AIIA OIT November 1999

No other industry or industry group in this century has had such an enormous impact on the NSW, Australian and global economies as has the Information Industries. New South Wales is undergoing an economic revolution because of the rapid advances in the information technology and telecommunications industries. The NSW Information Industry has become the key […]

University-Industry Linked Research – PMSEIC May 1998

Research is one of the major drivers of Australia’s economic growth and competitiveness in the global market. The success of Australia as a knowledge based economy will depend upon our ability to innovate – to generate new knowledge, ideas and technologies through research. Research may be driven by curiosity or influenced by specific industry needs. […]

Opportunities to Produce a Vibrant Software Industry PMSEIC May 1998

Opportunities to Produce a Vibrant Software Industry – PMSEIC May 1998

The Australian market revenues for packaged software in 1997 were $2.67 billion, about 1.5% of the world market. Revenue from domestic production of this software was $821 million, and exports were $100 million. The Australian software industry is diverse, including not only producers who develop packaged software for general sale, but also those who custom […]

Information Technology - Sink or Swim ATSE Dec 1997

Information Technology: Sink or Swim – ATSE December 1997

Information Technology (IT) is belatedly being recognised in government and industry circles in Australia as the dominant engine for productivity improvement and business opportunities for enterprises in the 21st Century and a key factor for generating future employment. Indeed the convergence of computing and communications as manifested in the Internet means that much commerce in […]

National Innovation Systems OECD 1997

National Innovation Systems – OECD 1997

The national innovation systems approach stresses that the flows of technology and information among people, enterprises and institutions are key to the innovative process. Innovation and technology development are the result of a complex set of relationships among actors in the system, which includes enterprises, universities and government research institutes. For policy-makers, an understanding of […]

Product Introduction Process – A Workbook Loughborough Uni UK

Product Introduction Process – A Workbook – Loughborough University UK September 1997

This workbook provides a framework based upon systems engineering and systems thinking, for companies who feel that modularity can address a number of business issues. Through a modular product architecture and an associated modular manufacturing practice, attaining a flexible or agile manufacturing system will be facilitated. In addition this alternative perspective on product design and […]

Competitiveness of Australian Science & Tech Based Industries ATSE 1995

Competitiveness of Australian Science and Technology Based Industries – ATSE 1995

This report is based on interviews with over sixty Science and Technology (S&T) based companies, interviews with related institutions, the experiences of members of the Academy in innovation and business, and a survey of relevant literature. It places particular emphasis on the role of Small Start-up Enterprises (SSEs) in innovation. For a long time Australia […]