Queensland Government IT 5 Year Strategy – July 2013

Qld Govt IT 5 Year Strategy July 2013The Queensland Government ICT Strategy 2013-17 delivers a vision for the future that incorporates the lessons from the past. Developed with significant consultation and engagement from a broad cross section of the ICT industry, non-government and the community sector, this strategy addresses the real issues.

Qld Govt IT 5 Year Strategy July 2013“Our aim is to improve the lives of Queenslanders by better service delivery through public service reform. With a clear government vision for the future, there is no doubt that Information and Communications Technology will play a crucial role in enabling new ways of doing business that aligns with community expectations.

New ways need to be found to make Queensland Government more efficient, flexible and better able to meet the needs of Queenslanders both now and into the future.”

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