Queensland Government ICT Discussion Paper – May 2013

Queensland Government ICT Discussion Paper May 2013Information and communication technology (ICT) plays a key role in the delivery of government services to Queenslanders. It helps government agencies to streamline processes, share information and provides people with access to services online.

ICT has the capacity to help satisfy public expectations for government services while managing the increasing demands and costs of social services.

Qld Govt IT 5 Year Strategy July 2013To ensure technology is used to deliver high-quality services now and in the future we need to develop and implement a considered ICT strategy.

In looking to the future, the Queensland Government will need to assess and implement technology differently – moving from technology in general to how technology can enable effective service delivery to Queenslanders.

The Queensland Government is seeking input to develop this strategy, and we welcome your ideas and suggestions on how the government can get the most benefit from technology.

Releasing this discussion paper does not set or imply a government policy or funding position, rather it is designed to collect feedback and input to be used to create a relevant strategy for the future.

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