Product Introduction Process – A Workbook – Loughborough University UK September 1997

Product Introduction Process – A Workbook Loughborough Uni UKThis workbook provides a framework based upon systems engineering and systems thinking, for companies who feel that modularity can address a number of business issues. Through a modular product architecture and an associated modular manufacturing practice, attaining a flexible or agile manufacturing system will be facilitated. In addition this alternative perspective on product design and manufacture will provide an opportunity to strengthen market position through a rational introduction of new technology and customer requirements to the product family.

Download the full reportThe workbook begins by introducing a product introduction process (PIP) based on two British standards: BS EN ISO 9000 and BS 7000. This provides a basis of a popular standard to which many companies are accredited that provides a quality management system directly aimed to meeting customer requirements (ISO 9000), and a standard which provides direct guidance on the topic of manufactured goods.

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