• 2008 Biotechnology Intellectual Property Management Manual Sprusons 2008

    Biotechnology Intellectual Property Management Manual – Sprusons 2008

    Biotechnology is a strategic and fast growing industry in Australia and across the world. In 2008, Australia is home to over 400 biotech firms with total annual revenues of over $3 billion. By 2010, Victoria aims to be among the top five locations for biotechnology worldwide. Victoria is a national leader in science, technology and […]

  • 2008 Australian Open Source Industry & Community Report Waug

    Australian Open Source Industry and Community Report – Waug 2008

    In our interaction with business,government, education and the Open Source industry, we have found a sharp disconnect between the perceptions held by the market, and the reality of Open Source in Australia. We knew that our country has produced some of the world’s most influential Open Source innovators and projects. We knew that clever, home-grown […]

  • 2008 Effect of Social Netorks on VCs & Entrepreneurs IPRIA Nov 2008

    Effect of Social Networks on VCs and Entrepreneurs – IPRIA November 2008

    There is growing recognition that social networks play an important strategic role for firms (e.g. see Burt, 1983; Gulati, Nohria and Zaheer, 2000; Westphal, Boivie and Chng, 2006). This is especially true for startup firms (Starr and MacMillan, 1990; Shan, Walker and Kogut, 1994; Zhang, Souitaris, Soh and Wong, 2008) because they are resource-constrained and […]

  • 2008 Towards a European Software Industry Strategy Intellect Oct 2008

    Towards a European Software Industry Strategy – Intellect October 2008

    Software is everywhere. This is one reason why the sector as a whole is not easy to be appreciated. In Europe, software has recently gained recognition as being vital for innovation, competitiveness, sustainable growth, welfare and high quality jobs creation. This paper focuses on packaged software as opposed to custom software that should be dealt […]


Technology Roadmapping: Linking to Business Objectives – University of Cambridge November 2001

Following on from a brief introduction to the topic of technology management, this paper focuses on technology roadmapping, an approach that is being increasingly applied within industry to support the development, communication and implementation of technology and business strategy. Roadmapping is a very flexible approach, and the various aims that it can support are reviewed, […]

Commercialisation of Public Sector Research – PMSEIC June 2001

Australia invests millions of dollars in innovation and research each year. The results enhance virtually every aspect of our lives either directly, such as better health and education, or indirectly, like the broader economic benefits of exciting new business opportunities. This report focuses on commercialisation of research – the process of transforming ideas, knowledge and […]

Commercialising Innovation – ATSE Workshop Proceedings May 2001

Australian Governments have realised the importance of promoting innovation as a means of ensuring the continued quality of life experienced by Australians. Both major political parties are committed to funding innovation. The Australian Academy of Technological Science and Engineering shares these views and many of its members have successfully commercialised their inventions. As part of […]

2001 Breaking the Skills Barrier – Investing in ICT Higher Education CoIE April 2001

Breaking the Skills Barrier: Investing in ICT Higher Education – CoIE April 2001

Information and Communications Technology (ICT) industries now have a pervasive role in the Australian economy. All industries have benefited from growth and improvements in ICT, not least traditional industries. ICT is important because it has the capacity to facilitate complementary innovation such as new business processes and work practices. By reducing business costs, these technologies […]

Status of Fed Govt IT Outsourcing 2000

Status of Federal Government IT Outsourcing – DCITA 2000

The Government’s Information Technology Infrastructure Outsourcing Initiative, which started in 1997, has had as one of its primary objectives the development of the Australian information technology industry. Under the approach that applied until January 2001, companies that have secured IT outsourcing contracts are required to report annually on the industry development outcomes arising from these […]

2000 Returns to Investment in Higher Education Melb Inst 2000

Returns to Investment in Higher Education – Melbourne Institute 2000

Full-time employed graduates receive a substantial wage premium over non-graduates, on average of the order of 65 per cent; that is controlling for age, experience and other characteristics usually included in such analysis, an employed graduate receives on average about 65 per cent more than an employed person without a degree. It is generally accepted […]

2000 Profile of the Australian Smartcard Industry

Profile of the Australian Smartcard Industry – ASPSCF 2000

This booklet is an information publication on the rapidly growing area of smart card technology. The report provides an introduction to the technology and its uses, and presents a brief overview of the industry in Australia. The factual information contained in the report was collected through an industry survey conducted by NOIE and the APSCF, […]