2002 Benchmarking of Business Incubators CSES European Union

Benchmarking of Business Incubators – CSES European Union February 2002

The project Benchmarking of Business Incubators was undertaken for the European Commission by the Centre for Strategy & Evaluation Services (CSES). The objectives of the project were, in summary, to: Define ‘headline’ benchmarks for business incubators relating to their performance with regard to management and promotion; Support this with ‘operational’ benchmarks’ that define the means […]

2001 Australian Venture Capital Year Book

Australian Venture Capital Year Book – AVCAL February 2002

A highlight of 2001 was the decision by the Australian Government to legislate for the creation of Venture Capital Limited Partnerships, and to provide certain foreign institutional investors, including funds of funds, with exemption from capital gains tax. This is a major breakthrough, and we congratulate the Government for its leadership. During 2001, the Australian […]

2002 Bioinformatics Industry - Issues & Opportunities BioLa

Bioinformatics Industry – Issues & Opportunities – BioLateral DITR January 2002

Bioinformatics is the application of information technologies and sciences to the organisation, management, mining and use of life-science information. Bioinformatics plays a central role in the development of bioindustries in general, including biotechnology, pharmaceutical, agrifood, environment management, medical diagnostics, bioprocessing, bioprospecting and others. Indeed, it is impossible to imagine a modern bioindustry sector in Australia […]

India New Economy Old Economy – DFAT December 2001

Since 1991, when India started reforms, its economy has grown much more strongly than in the previous 40 years, to become one of the world’s fastest growing emerging economies. Major 1990s reforms included liberalising trade and foreign investment laws, floating the currency and reducing industrial licensing. Stronger growth produced rapid gains in per capita income […]

Biotechnology Intellectual Property Manual – Sprusons 2001

Biotechnology is often described as the “exploitation of biological processes for industrial purposes”. The last twenty years have seen phenomenal growth in this industry throughout the world, and the 21st century promises to see further advances in this field, prompting some commentators to describe biotechnology as the “New Industrial Revolution”. However, since the cost of […]

Australian Professional Services Business Sector – Allen DITR Austrade 2001

The transformation of data into knowledge and knowledge into valuable advice defines the almost unique role of business and professional services. Firms (and individuals) in the sector solve problems for their clients. The sector makes up a significant share of the total number of businesses in Australia. The sector (particularly micro firms with less than […]

New South Wales BioFirst Biotechnology Strategy – NSW Premiers 2001

Like the Information Technology (IT) revolution of the 1990s its impact will be broad, potentially affecting many aspects of everyday life. Healthcare, agricultural production and environmental remediation are all areas where biotechnology can bring substantial benefits. In addition, the expansion of biotechnology industries will be important in securing high growth in the NSW economy. Government […]

Australian Corporations Law Fund Raising Rules

The Australian Corporations Act 2001 describes many of the legalities with regards running a business. In particular, it describes how businesses may “advertise” for investors. Click here to download Volume 3, which includes Chapter 6D Fund Raising. Of particular interest to the technology sector is Section 708, which describes “offers that do not need disclosure” […]