Survey of ICT Multinational Corporations Investment in R&D In Australia – AIIA September 2002

AIIA undertook a survey of multinational corporations (MNC) in order to identify opportunities for increasing the level of high value business activity located in Australia. The survey questions were aimed a gaining a better understanding of multinational trends and dynamics, and in particular the changing role of the multinational subsidiary. The questionnaire was specifically designed […]

Report into the Commercialisation of Publicly Funded R&D – AIIA September 2002

The roadmap identifies the policies, strategies and mechanisms applied in Australia to commercialise publicly funded research and development (R&D). It looks at the success of these measures through a number of case studies and recommends specific issues that need to be addressed to improve the commercialisation process. The roadmap was developed through consultation with a […]

Profile of Successful Australian ICT SMEs – AIIA September 2002

This activity was undertaken to present a profile of successful Australian ICT companies, determine the common critical success factors, and identify potential market opportunities for the industry. The report demonstrates that successful ICT companies exist across a wide range of industry segments. The common success factors were access to overseas markets throughout the United States, […]

2002 ICT Development in Australia - Policy Review Houghton ACS 2002

ICT Development in Australia – Policy Review – Houghton ACS June 2002

The Commonwealth Government recently established a Broadband Advisory Group and a joint industry-government advisory group to develop an ICT Framework for the Future. The Australian Computer Society (ACS) welcomes these initiatives. As an input to discussions the ACS commissioned a review of policy reports in order to distil and synthesise the key strategic directions and […]

2002 Creative Industries Cluster Study Report Stage 1 DCITA

Creative Industries Cluster Study – Stage 1 – Cutler DCITA May 2002

The purpose of the first stage of the Creative Industries Cluster Study is to undertake a preliminary analysis and mapping of the industries producing digital content and applications identifying the key enterprises, their location and productivity drivers and barriers. The findings of this stage of the study will be used to inform more detailed analysis […]

2002 Allen Report – Information Economy – The Big Picture DCITA

Australia’s Information Economy: The Big Picture – Allen Report April 2002

The study indicates that increased involvement by Australian businesses in the Information Economy offers substantial economy wide gains. These include: Higher underlying growth – increasing GDP by up to 2.6 percent over levels that we would otherwise obtain by 2004-05; More jobs – employment would be higher than otherwise by around 1.2 percent, or around […]

2002 Measuring University 3rd Stream Activities UK Russell Report

Measuring Universities 3rd Stream Activities – UK Russell Report April 2002

Universities are seen by many to be increasingly significant sources of knowledge and capabilities within the knowledge economy. Policy-makers and analysts alike have begun to pay more attention to the ways in which university-based capabilities and activities can contribute to social and economic development. Since their inception, although universities have contributed directly and indirectly to […]

2002 Internet - Current State of Play Australian Scorecard NOIE April 2002

Internet: Current State of Play – Australian Scorecard – NOIE April 2002

Since May 2000 the National Office for the Information Economy (NOIE) has published a statistical compendium presenting a range of data on Australia’s progress in the emerging Information Economy. The current report is the 5th edition since the project’s inception. In a change from past practice this edition presents international benchmarking data in a new […]

2002 Asic Class Order 2-273 on Business Intro Services

Class Order 2-273 on Business Introduction Service – ASIC March 2002

Class Order [CO 02/273] provides an exemption from the fundraising provisions of the Corporations Act for persons involved in making or calling attention to offers of securities through a business introduction service. Separate exemptions are provided for each of the following categories: operators of introduction services; those who propose to issue or sell securities through […]