• ICT as Productivity Driver Telstra Acil Tasman Jan 2009

    ICT as a Driver of Productivity – Telstra ACIL Tasman January 2009

    ACIL Tasman has been commissioned by Telstra to undertake a review of Australian and international evidence on the role of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) as a driver of economic productivity, and to distil the findings of this review into a Productivity White Paper. Australia’s current productivity performance is average among OECD countries. In the […]

  • Economic Overview Saul Eslake Jan 2009

    The Australian economy in 2009 – Economic Overview – Saul Eslake January 2009

    The global economy turned down sharply in the final quarter of 2008. International trade declined precipitously at the end of 2008, especially in the Pacific region. Data on the US economy has been particularly grim. Industry data points to an abrupt downturn in the commodity-intensive sectors of the Chinese economy. Yet markets appear to have […]

  • Digital Britain Interim Report UK Govt Jan09

    Digital Britain Interim Report – UK Government January 2009

    Around the world digital and broadband technologies are reshaping our Communications, Entertainment, Information and Knowledge industries, the wider economy, and the way of life for all of us. We are at a point of transformation. The success of our manufacturing and services industries will increasingly be defined by their ability to use and develop digital […]

  • 2008 ASX IPO Activity Dives in 2008 Deloitte Dec 2008

    ASX IPO Activity Dives in 2008 – Deloitte December 2008

    The best performing IPO for 2008 was Phosphate Australia, which listed on 1 July after raising $10 million on the back of soaring prices for phosphate, an essential fertiliser input. At one stage, the company had produced a gain of more than 300% for investors, before sliding to 70% at the survey cut off date. […]

  • 2008 Growthink Business Plan Guide

    Growthink Business Plan Guide 2008

    Believe it or not, after reading the first page of most business plans, investors often do not understand the business in which the company is operating! This is particularly true when a company is involved in a complex, highly technical business. It may seem obvious, but it is critical to remember that investors cannot invest […]

2002 Winning in the Global ICT Industry McKinsey DCITA

Winning in the Global ICT Industry – McKinsey DCITA December 2002

Building a globally competitive ICT industry is an attractive and worthy objective. The ICT sector has the potential to make a significant contribution to domestic growth and the nation’s trade balance. It can also generate many benefits for the broader economy by enabling efficiency gains in a raft of industries. It deserves substantial industry and […]

2002 Science and Security ICT Research Overview PMSEIC

Science and Security ICT Research Overview – PMSEIC December 2002

The face of terrorism has been changing, as was brought home to Australia and the working group with the tragic events in Bali. Australia’s counter-terrorism strategies and activities must keep pace with this changing threat. Contemporary terrorism is more likely to involve the impact of coordinated, large explosives and/or chemical, biological or radiological events as […]

ASIC Fundraising Exemptions For Business Matching and Introduction Services CO 2-273

The Australian Corporation Law 2001 controls the law around offers of investment (see here for more details), however to make it easier for unlisted companies to raise finance ASIC (the Australian Securities & Investments Commission) has released a Class Order notice to facilitate Business Matching and Introduction Services to raise up to A$5m. The exemption notice, Class […]

2002 Technology Licensing Guide Gilbert & Tobin

Technology Licensing Guide – Gilbert & Tobin November 2002

At its most basic level the grant of a licence is an agreement by the owner of intellectual property rights not to enforce those rights against the licensee in defined circumstances. This paper discusses the nature of licensing, the commercialisation continuum, key licensing issues, licensing drivers and opportunities, criteria that should be considered when selecting […]

Status of Australian Biotechnology Industry – Freehills Ernst & Young 2002

This is the second Australian biotechnology industry report. It has been produced in collaboration by Ernst & Young, Freehills and the Department of Industry, Science & Resources (ISR), in particular Biotechnology Australia. The report is prepared as part of the Ernst & Young Thought Leadership series, and reflects Ernst & Young’s international commitment to the […]

Macquarie Technology Banking Newsletters Q2 2001 – Q2 2002

The Australian private and public sectors have spent countless millions developing software which is often world-beating in a technical sense. In order to succeed globally we now must improve the management, sales, marketing and distribution of many of our homegrown products. In the last 12 months there has been concern voiced within the Australian information […]

ICT Exports – Connecting With Asia’s Tech Future – DFAT 2002

A new complementarity is emerging between Australia and East Asia in the information and communication technology, ICT, industry. Australia is a competitive producer and exporter of specialised, high value ICT equipment, tailored software and ICT services while developed and developing East Asia specialises in mass produced, labour intensive ICT equipment production. East Asia’s ICT services […]

China Embraces World Markets – DFAT October 2002

Entering the WTO marks an important further step in China’s integration with the world economy, although WTO accession represents a continuation of its successful 25 year reform journey, rather than a major turning point. Most visibly, China committed to further cutting trade barriers and significantly improving access for foreign direct investors, particularly in services, providing […]