Our Future World – CSIRO March 2010

Our Future World CSIRO Mar 2010This report describes the outcomes from a CSIRO global foresight project. We present five global megatrends and global risks that may redefine how people live. A megatrend is based on the aggregation and synthesis of multiple trends. A trend is an important pattern of economic, social or environmental activity that will change the way people live and the science and technology products they demand. A global risk, or “megashock”, is a significant and sudden event; the timing and magnitude of which are very hard to predict.

Download full reportThe megatrends presented in this document are based on analyses of over 100 trends contributed by over 40 scientists and business development staff across CSIRO on the Futures SharePoint site. The site is continually growing and new trends are being added. It has become a powerful living resource for science planners.

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