NSW Government Release Industry Growth Policies – All Key Industry Sectors incl. ICT

30th Sept 2010. The NSW Business Sector Growth Plan outlines the actions and initiatives that the NSW Government together with Industry will undertake to promote NSW’s long–term economic growth.

To download the report click here: 2010 NSW Business Sector Growth Plan I&I NSW Sept 2010


The Business Sector Growth Plan has been created in close partnership between business leaders and the NSW Government. The NSW Innovation Council has led the development of this Plan in consultation with more than 200 business and community leaders in NSW.

The vision for 2020 is that the NSW economy will be more than 30% larger than it is today, driven by growth in highly skilled, high-value–added industries. The NSW industry base will be internationally recognised for its innovation, productivity, knowledge intensity and carbon efficiency.

The NSW economy in 2020 will be:

• Technologically advanced
• Innovative and creative
• Low carbon, and
• Globally competitive.

The NSW Business Sector Growth Plan incorporates the ideas raised by industry at the NSW Business Forum and responds to the opportunities and challenges identified in an analysis of how the economy will look in 2020 prepared by Access Economics, The NSW Economy in 2020—A Foresighting Study. (See here).

Sector Strategies

Sector specific strategies have been prepared in partnership with industry for each of the following sectors within the NSW economy:

• Finance, Insurance and Professional Services
• Infrastructure and Construction
• Advanced Manufacturing
• Information and Communication Technology
• Retail
• Education and Research
• Agri-food
• Creative Industries
• Mining
• Tourism, and
• Health and Allied Services.

Each sector strategy includes a vision for the growth of the sector to 2020, the competitive advantages of the sector in NSW, the opportunities for growth and the actions the NSW Government will take to support the achievement of the vision.

Foundations for Growth
The NSW Government is building strong foundations for the growth of the NSW economy across all sectors of industry by:

• Providing long-term planning and investment in strategic infrastructure
• Undertaking microeconomic and regulatory reform
• Building on our skilled workforce and research capacity
• Building a strong and diversified regional NSW, and
• Maintaining a sound fiscal base and efficient legal system.

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