NSW Creative Industry Insights

This document recognises the contribution the creative industry makes to NSW and proposes ways in which the NSW Government can tailor its efforts to support the industry into the  future.

Click Here to download the report: NSW Creative Industry Insights

Traditionally, government has valued the creative industry for its cultural and social contribution to society. Reflecting this, government policy has been focused on enhancing the   industry’s cultural and social outcomes rather than the industry’s economic contribution. Now, for the first time, the economic characteristics of the NSW creative industry have been  mapped. This paper, and its companion document, NSW Creative Industry: Economic Fundamentals, outlines the economic contribution the creative industry makes to NSW,  giving an improved understanding of the size, growth and business characteristics of each creative industry sector.

The creative industry is economically important to NSW for four core reasons:
• the sector employs 5% of the NSW workforce
• employment has grown at twice the rate of other industries
• NSW dominates employment in 10 of 11 sectors
• wages in the creative industry are 18% higher than average and creatives working in NSW earn on average 10% more than those in other states.

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