Innovation Review – Pearcey Foundation Submission – April 2008

2008 Innovation Review Pearcey Foundation Submission Apr 2008This submission is written to outline the contention of the Pearcey Foundation that it is time for Australia to create an independent ICT Economic Studies Institute (“ICTESI”) dedicated to the provision of information and knowledge on the role Information and Communications Technology (ICT) plays in innovation, productivity and the Australian economy. The rationale for the formation of this facility is taken from the introduction to the Call for Submissions itself, where the Committee responsible for the 2008 Review of the Innovation System, asks:

  • How might we best focus our efforts for good outcomes for this nation in the decades ahead?
  • How better can we support diffusion and take up of new technologies and innovative processes across industries and the community?Download the full report

The ICTESI will assist all stakeholders understand the role of ICT in productivity and innovation and help focus strategies and activities for a better return on investment addressing ICT Domain expressed.

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