Innovation Review – KCA Submission – April 2008

2008 Innovation Review KCA Submission Apr 2008This submission is made on behalf of the members of Knowledge Commercialisation Australasia (KCA). They represent the organisational units that provide outreach services for the majority of Australia’s universities and some from the public research sector and service providers. The submission focuses upon technological innovations and the pathways to commercialisation from public sector R&D suppliers, and suggests improvements that could be made to these activities for the benefit of Australia. We have deliberately focused our recommendations on this particular element of the overall innovation system as it is where our members’ activities are concentrated.

Download the full reportIt re-emphasises the case for greater investment in the outreach activities of these organisations; such as the so-called third stream funding as introduced by the UK government after the Lambert Review of the university system there. The submission identifies several specific areas where the government could beneficially invest in order to encourage the public sector research suppliers to extend their outreach objectives in the context of regional economic and community development.

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