Innovation Review – AIIA comment on Culter report – September 2008

2008 Innovation Review AIIA comment on Culter report Oct 08On behalf of its membership, AIIA congratulates the Innovation Review panel on a comprehensive and timely report into Australia’s innovation ecosystem. Venturous Australia provides a refreshingly holistic approach to innovation and in our view has identified many of the key levers for building Australia’s innovation strengths into the future.

Many firms in the ICT sector are of the view that the role of ICT, as a key driver of productivity growth, was noticeably understated in the Report. However, many of the recommendations are nevertheless directly applicable to the ICT sector and have stimulated a renewed level of vigorous discussion on these critical issues. Our response sets out three key priorities that are prerequisites for the recommendations to be applied to the ICT sector with maximum effect.

Download the full reportAIIA’s response sets out in some detail our current thinking in response to each recommendation. AIIA and its members look forward to engaging further with the panel and government representatives as the White Paper is developed and its recommendations subsequently considered and implemented.

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