Innovation and the Knowledge Economy – ABF May 2006

2006 Innovation & the Knowledge Economy ABF May 2006Innovation is a key issue for both corporate managers and public policy makers because it jointly determines the business performance of firms and the path of economic development. The argument presented in this paper is that business challenges and policy issues intersect. The aim is to explore how innovation happens, the importance of innovation for growth, and some key challenges for Australia.

Download the full reportThis paper explores the following issues:

  • The ways in which corporate sectors interact with and rely on public policy backgrounds.
  • Innovation policy and its role in the ‘reform agenda’.
  • The significance for growth and productivity of innovation as well as research and development, and hence the importance of innovation as an issue for government.
  • Specific characteristics of knowledge creation and innovation processes.
  • Characteristics of the Australian innovation system and innovation policy implications.
  • Business and policy innovation challenges.

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