Information Economy Strategy Released by the UK Government June 2013

Information Economy StrategyThis new UK Government Information Economy Strategy sets out a plan for government and industry to continue to work together to promote the success of the UK information economy sector. Its main themes are:

  • a strong, innovative information economy sector exporting UK excellence to the world
  • UK businesses across the economy making smart use of information technology and data
  • ensuring citizens benefit from the digital age
  • underpinning the information economy in the UKInformation Economy Strategy

The new UK Government Information Economy Council, made up of representatives from government, business and academia will set the agenda for actions towards this strategy and monitor progress. Businesses and users across the economy can contribute on the actions they would like to see and how we can build a strong information economy strategy in the UK.

The Government has set out a vision for the future of British industry and committed to a long term, strategic partnership with industry. The Information Economy is one of 11 sectors where partnerships are being developed. The term “information economy” is broadly defined and does not encompass a single sector. For the purposes of the strategy the working description of the information economy is being taken as: “the part of the economy where digital technologies and information combine to drive productivity and create new growth opportunities across the whole economy”

The information economy sector is a significant enabler of other sectors. The use of digital technology and information is a key element of most parts of the economy which means the strategy has the potential to make a real difference not only in the UK’s IT sector but across the whole economy.

The strategy will therefore look at how the UK can fully exploit growth opportunities for the wider economy through industry and Government working in strategic partnership. An early output of the strategy will be a picture of the trends in the informati on economy today, a vision for where it is going and the impact it can have on other sectors; and an explanation of how we will get there. The strategy will be action-oriented, with specific pledges from Government and business.

The strategy sits in the context of increasing Government focus on the information economy, and the innovations and technologies which underpin it. The Autumn Statement 2012 announced an additional L600 million of funding for science, research and innovation, in cluding some of the key technologies for the future information economy, such as Big Data and energy efficient computing. The e-infrastructure leader ship council (ELC) was established by the Government in March 2012 as a national advisory body making recommendations to Government, co-chaired by industry and Ministers. The information economy strategy will build on this activity.

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