How To Make A City Great – McKinsey September 2013

How To Make A City Great McKinsey Sept 2013This report is the result of extensive research conducted over the course of a year by McKinsey team around the world. The research reviewed data measuring city performance along economic, environmental, and social dimensions. Three sources were particularly helpful in this respect: the Mercer Quality of Life Index, the Siemens Green City Index, and MGI’s Urban Performance Index. We also drew on MGI’s Cityscope database – which includes data on demographics, household structure, and income, and national economic and demographic data – and on China’s 2010 and India’s 2011 censues.

Simultaneously, er conducted extensive interviews with city leaders, other public servants, and community leaders in over 30 cities around the world to capture their experience, learning, and advice. Download full reportWe added to this by by examining more than 80 case studies of cities that had improved their performance, developed from literature, the news media, and Web searches. While the report leans heavily on the data and other informations collected, the synthesis and prioritisation of the insights are ours.

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