Global Cloud Computing Score Card Released – Business Software Alliance (BSA)

7th March 2012. In small and large enterprises as well as government offices around the world, one thing has become perfectly clear: Cloud computing marks the next contribution that software and computing technologies will make toward greater productivity and expanded economic growth.

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Australia scores second highest, at 79.2, after Japan, on 83.3

The BSA Global Cloud Computing Scorecard provides a roadmap for the initiatives and policies that countries can — and should — take to ensure that they reap the full economic and growth benefits. It is well established that each of the individual elements of the scorecard is critical to economic growth and job creation. They are especially critical in the context of cloud computing because the cloud provides a positive multiplier opportunity. Executing on these policies will promote innovation; cloud computing will ensure that innovation is fully harnessed and realized.

The Scorecard finds a sharp divide between advanced economies and the developing world when it comes to cloud readiness. Japan, the United States and the European Union member states, for example, have each established a solid legal and regulatory base to support the growth of cloud computing. This is significant because the full benefits of a global cloud computing
environment require a broad network of effective laws and regulations. Only in that way will the potential efficiencies and economies of scale enabled by the cloud truly take hold.

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