Ethics and Probity in Public Sector Procurement – Queensland Government October 2006

2006 Ethics and Probity in Public Sector Procurement Qld Govt Oct 2006Probity is the evidence of ethical behaviour in a particular process. The term probity means integrity, uprightness and honesty. For Queensland Government employees and agencies, maintaining Ethics and probity involves more than simply avoiding corrupt or dishonest conduct. It involves applying public sector values such as impartiality, accountability and transparency. Ensuring probity in public sector activities is part of every public official’s duty to adopt processes, practices and behaviour that enhance and promote public sector values and interests. A procurement process that conforms to the expected standards of probity is one in which clear procedures that are consistent with Government policies and legislation are established, understood and followed from the outset.

Download the full reportThese procedures need to consider the legitimate interests of suppliers and ensure that all potential suppliers are treated equitably. Probity principles should be integrated into all procurement planning, and should not be a separate ‘bolt-on’ consideration. Procurement must be conducted with probity in mind to enable purchasers and suppliers to deal with each other on the basis of mutual trust and respect and enable business to be conducted reasonably and with integrity. Achieving an ethical, transparent approach requires that the procurement rules be clear, open, well understood and applied equally to all parties to the process

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