Economic Impact of Venture Capital in Australia – AVCAL May 2013

Economic Impact of Venture Capital in Australia AVCAL – May 2013This report reviews the economic contribution of Venture Capital to Australia. To date, around 500 companies in Australia have been backed by VC. in the us, there are 24,000 such companies. Despite the relatively shorter history of VC in Australia, many of our current leading technology and life sciences companies can claim VC backing in their histories.

Download full reportWhat have been the outcomes of VC investment in Australia? Creating jobs and growing innovative companies: VC backing has helped create new highly-skilled jobs and catalyse the growth of new innovative companies that have become market leaders in their own right. Bringing Australian research from the laboratory to the marketplace: VC backing has helped transform homegrown innovation into real productivity gains that have helped make our smart industries bigger, and big industries smarter. Generating far-reaching returns to society and the economy: VC-backed products and services have changed and improved our quality of life, producing high social and economic returns per dollar invested.

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