Economic Case for Digital Inclusion – PWC UK October 2009

Economic Case for Digital Inclusion PWC UK Oct 2009The Champion for Digital Inclusion, Martha Lane Fox, and her Task Force were appointed in June 2009 when the Government published ‘Digital Britain’. Their remit is to reduce digital exclusion by helping to ensure: ‘The best use of digital technology, either directly or indirectly to improve the lives and life chances of all citizens, particularly the most disadvantaged, and the places in which they live.’

Against this background, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP (PwC) was commissioned by the Champion for Digital Inclusion to prepare a report that assesses the potential scale of the ‘digital dividend’ to the UK of achieving greater digital inclusion. Download full reportOur work has assessed the expected economic benefits of reducing digital exclusion in key areas and considered the aggregate potential benefits of reducing digital exclusion depending on how many of the digitally excluded can be brought online.

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