E-Crime in the UK – House of Commons July 2013

E-Crime in the UK - House of Commons Jul 2013We live in a world where terms like “Cyber crime” no longer belong in the realm of science fiction. Modern devices such as smart phones and tablets have brought the internet not only to our fingertips but to our bedsides, our pockets and to our children. And yet there is strong evidence that access to such technology, with all its opportunities and benefits, can put our businesses and our families at increasing risk of exploitation and internet-based crime (E-crime).

Download full reportIdentity theft, industrial espionage, credit card fraud, phishing, child exploitation – criminals use the internet as a means to commit a wide range of crimes. Perpetrators range from lone hackers, activist groups, Nation States sponsoring industrial espionage and organised criminal gangs. Victims include individuals who fall prey to scams and password theft to multinational companies such as, famously Sony.

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