Digital Education Revolution Strategic Plan – August 2008

2008 Digital Eductation Revolutn Strategic Plan Aug 2008For more than a decade governments and school communities around Australia have been working to harness the power of information and communication technologies (ICT) to improve educational opportunities, boost outcomes and energise the learning experience.

Major investments have been made by state and territory governments and the Commonwealth to roll out infrastructure, develop online resources and build teacher capability. Progress to date has been impressive, but uneven. Most teachers and students now benefit in some way from access to computers and digital resources, but still only a minority are reaping the full benefits of the information technology revolution.Download the full report

The Council of Australian Governments (COAG) recognises the important role of schooling, and the potential contribution of digital education, to the nation’s productivity. As a result, Commonwealth, State and Territory Governments have commenced working together on the Digital Education Revolution (DER).

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