Death and the Internet – Managing Digital Legacies – ACCAN University of Melbourne June 2013

Death and the Internet – Managing Digital Legacies ACCAN Uni Melb Jun 2013The growing use of software applications in the home, the workplace, and in public places has resulted in the increased production and use of personal digital files. These digital files may take the form of emails sent to colleagues, photos of family and friends taken on a camera or smartphone, music downloaded from a number of different services, or videos taken at weddings or birthday parties. In this environment of increased data production and usage, unavoidable questions arise as to what happens to these files when a person dies.

Download full reportThis report considers this question in regards to a broad spectrum of digital media types and services with a particular emphasis on describing the current ownership and privacy issues, which are key to understanding how digital files may be bequeathed to another person.

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