Cyber Security Intelligence Index – IBM June 2013

Cyber Security Intelligence Index IBM June 2013Cyber Security – In a world where a week rarely goes by without reports of at least one serious cyber attack against a major organization, it’s important to ask a few key questions:

  • What’s happening across the threat landscape?
  • What kinds of attacks are being launched?
  • How many of those attacks result in incidents requiring investigation?

Download full reportAt the same time, an ever-increasing number of devices and growing volumes of data can make it difficult to develop and deploy effective cyber security measures. So it’s easy to understand why a medium- to large-sized company is likely to have some 500 security devices deployed within its network. And thanks to all those security devices, it’s possible to access vast quantities of data on security events across an enterprise. But what’s not so easy is determining what all that data means and what to do about it.

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