Creative Industries Cluster Study – Stage 2 – Cutler DCITA September 2002

2002 Creative Industries Cluster Study Report Stage 2 Cutler DCITAGiven the scoping nature of the first stage of this study programme, which canvassed the field at large, the intention in this subsequent Creative Industries Cluster Study is to drill down to an understanding of what is actually happening on the ground at a firm level. Whilst this study is an investigation into what is happening on the ground, it does not purport to be a comprehensive survey of any one segment of the industry. It is a qualitative survey, based on interviews and field visits. Essentially this is a process of dialogue and speculative interaction with industry players.

Download the full reportThe value of this approach is that it enables the researchers to explore progressively the emerging issues and hypotheses generated from these encounters and engagements with the realities at the coal face. The insights generated over the course of this survey have been examined within the context of broader research into global developments and emerging trends in digital content production.

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