Corruption Risks – Recommendations to NSW Government – ICAC June 2011

Corruption Risks - Recommendations to NSW Government - ICAC June 2011The Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) has identified procurement as a major risk area for corruption in the NSW public sector. Each year, approximately 12% of complaints received by the ICAC include allegations of corruption in NSW government procurement and approximately 30% of our public inquiries make findings of corrupt conduct related to NSW government procurement activities. Almost half of the 1,515 government suppliers that took part in an ICAC survey reported that they believe corruption in public procurement in NSW is a moderate to major problem.

Download full reportAs part of its research into procurement corruption risks, the ICAC analysed the NSW Government’s procurement policy, regulatory and legislative framework, undertook a survey of 153 state and local government organisations, conducted interviews and focus groups with public sector procurement specialists and suppliers to government, reviewed the Department of Finance and Services’ (DFS) government procurement training program, analysed ICAC investigation and complaint data, reviewed research literature, invited submissions to a consultation paper and undertook the aforementioned survey of NSW government suppliers.

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