Collaboration in National Security Arena: Myths and Realities – Cabayan June 2009

Collaboration in National Security Myths Realities Cabayan June 2009The purpose of this compendium of white papers is to explore various perspectives on the state of the art in our understanding of collaboration, including insights on the key factors that influence the who, what, when, where, and how of this topic. Collaboration traditionally refers to multiple people or organizations working towards common goals, but there are many other perspectives and definitions.

The objective of this compendium is to identify and discuss the issues: how analytic tradecraft can be enhanced through collaboration, when expansion of access to Download full reportinformation take place and if this approach adds value to analysis, how to facilitate collaboration within and across government organizations who collaborates and how do they collaborate to identify emerging threats, what can be done to improve analysts’ ability to understand and apply social and behavioral science methods and findings.

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