Cloud Computing in Australia – Fujitsu Microsoft July 2012

Cloud in Australia - Fujitsu Microsoft July 2012Cloud Computing is the new paradigm in ICT. It brings together a range of different technologies and business practices that have been maturing for some time: broadband communications, software as a service, outsourcing, the move to mobile computing. These and other trends have combined to make cloud computing the hottest topic in the ICT industry today. This report is based on data collected in Connection Research’s CIO Trends survey. The survey, of 179 Australian CIOs and ICT managers, was conducted online in March 2012.

Download full reportIt is one of a series of surveys, commissioned by Fujitsu and Microsoft’s ANZ CTOs and conducted quarterly by Connection Research, which gauge respondent’s attitudes towards a range of ICT and business trends and new technologies. The data shows attitudes and actions in a wide range of areas, and also allows key issues to be tracked over time.

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