ICT Workforce Study – AWPA July 2013

The Australian Workforce and Productivity Agency (AWPA) is developing skills and workforce research on the Professional, Scientific and Technical services industry division. AWPA has identified that the sector is particularly complex and diverse. It includes multiple industry activities and related occupations that do not overlap, and are not especially interrelated in their demand for particular […]

Advanced Payments Report EDG Apr 2013

Advanced Payments Report – EDG April 2013

The convergence of online and mobile technology continues to drive the evolution of the payments industry and change the way consumers the world over make purchases. Today shoppers routinely read product reviews and conduct price comparisons while standing in a store. They pay attention to what their friends say on social networks about the products […]

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Connected Small Business In the Digital Economy – Deloitte Google Access Economics

The online world opens up huge opportunities for small business across the country and holds the potential for a broader economy-wide transformation. This report, released by Deloittes ands Google and authored by by Access Economics provides fresh insight into the role of digital strategies in Australia’s substantial small and medium-size business sector – a sector […]

Australian Dealtracker Last 18 months - Grant Thornton April 2013

Australian Dealtracker Last 18 Months – Grant Thornton April 2013

This edition of Dealtracker – Flight to quality covers Australian mergers and acquisitions (M&A) and equity market activity during the 18 month period to 31 December 2012. Our analysis shows a decline in median transaction valuation multiples when compared to the preceding 18 month period, however high multiples are being paid for companies with strong […]

A Plan For Australian Jobs – DIISRTE Feb 2013

Creating and supporting Australian jobs and building a dynamic and diverse economy are critical objectives for the Australian Government. A Plan for Australian Jobs is a $1 billion investment in this critical work. Australia’s economy is resilient. While the Global Financial Crisis pushed other economies into recession, we saved jobs and kept our economy growing. […]

Australia Real-Time Payments Proposal – RTPC Bank Consortia Feb 2013

The Real-Time Payments Committee was formed in September 2012 to develop a clear way forward for the Australian payments industry on real-time, low value payments. The catalyst for action was the publication in June 2012 of the Payments System Board’s Strategic Review of Innovation in the Payments System; Conclusions (Conclusions Paper). In the Conclusions Paper, […]

Australian Bureau Statistics – Year Book Australia – ABS 2012

Year Book Australia is the principal reference work produced by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS). It provides a comprehensive statistical picture of the Australian economy, society and environment. In addition, it contains information on Australia’s geography and climate, system of government, government services, international relations and defence. The first Official Year Book of the […]

Future of Business Appendix Optus May 2012

Future of Business – Appendices to Report – Access Economics Optus May 2012

Welcome to the Appendices to the 2012 Optus Future of Business Report. For the report itself, see here. Based on interviews with more than 500 IT, finance and marketing decision-makers in government and private sector organisations, this report analyses how digital technologies are transforming Australian business and service models. In particular, the research uncovers the […]

Future of Business Report Access Economics Optus May 2012

Future of Business Report Access Economics – Optus May 2012

Consumer expectations will shape digital trends driving the future of business. New digital innovations are empowering consumers, leading to changes in what products and services are offered, how they are produced, and how they are consumed. Digital innovations are not just new technologies that replace human effort – the changes are having a transformative impact […]

Consumer Data Privacy in a Networked World: A US framework for the global Digital Economy

In order to maximise the social and economic benefits offered by networked technologies, public trust is essential. When the public is confident that companies will handle personal information responsibly, they will turn to the internet to express their creativity, join political movements, form and maintain friendships, and engage in commerce. In the United States, a […]