Financial Services Centre Benchmark – Invest Australia August 2007

The strength and resilience of the Australian economy has been underpinned by sixteen years of uninterrupted economic growth. Australia offers a highly competitive location with an open, transparent, best practice regulatory environment, a highly skilled and multilingual workforce and advanced business infrastructure. This backdrop and the rapid growth in Australia’s government-mandated retirement savings have contributed […]

2007 Valuing Pre-revenue Companies Kauffman July 2007

Valuing Pre-revenue Companies – Kauffman July 2007

Entrepreneurs and investors must both understand the critical aspects of valuation for pre-revenue and startup entrepreneurial ventures. By aligning expectations, such understanding fosters positive, productive relationships between funders and founders. In addition, investors and entrepreneurs benefit separately when they know the answers to essential questions. What are the most important factors angel investors should consider […]

2007 Smarter Services Report - Qld Smart State Council

Smarter Services Report – Queensland Smart State Council November 2006

Services make up around 70% of the Queensland economy, with three out of four employed Queenslanders currently working in a services industry. Over the past decade, almost all employment growth in OECD countries has occurred in the services sector, as new competitive strengths, including lower-wage workforces, have emerged in rapidly developing countries such as India […]

2006 Ethics and Probity in Public Sector Procurement Qld Govt Oct 2006

Ethics and Probity in Public Sector Procurement – Queensland Government October 2006

Probity is the evidence of ethical behaviour in a particular process. The term probity means integrity, uprightness and honesty. For Queensland Government employees and agencies, maintaining Ethics and probity involves more than simply avoiding corrupt or dishonest conduct. It involves applying public sector values such as impartiality, accountability and transparency. Ensuring probity in public sector […]

2005 Guidelines for Probity in Public Sector Projects ICAC Nov 2005

Guidelines for Probity in Public Sector Projects – ICAC November 2005

Probity has become an increasingly important aspect of major government projects in New South Wales. The supply of probity advice services and consultancies has expanded considerably, as have the accountability expectations of government. The increasingly complex nature of many public sector projects and the use of non-traditional contracting arrangements (such as privately-financed projects and alliance […]

2002 Bioinformatics Industry - Issues & Opportunities BioLa

Bioinformatics Industry – Issues & Opportunities – BioLateral DITR January 2002

Bioinformatics is the application of information technologies and sciences to the organisation, management, mining and use of life-science information. Bioinformatics plays a central role in the development of bioindustries in general, including biotechnology, pharmaceutical, agrifood, environment management, medical diagnostics, bioprocessing, bioprospecting and others. Indeed, it is impossible to imagine a modern bioindustry sector in Australia […]

Australian Professional Services Business Sector – Allen DITR Austrade 2001

The transformation of data into knowledge and knowledge into valuable advice defines the almost unique role of business and professional services. Firms (and individuals) in the sector solve problems for their clients. The sector makes up a significant share of the total number of businesses in Australia. The sector (particularly micro firms with less than […]