China Cultural Awareness Guide – Asialink – March 2016

Although Chinese cultural practices tend to be quite different to Western ones, a vast majority of Chinese business people have some experience working with foreign clients and are accustomed to accommodating a variety of business practices. The numbers of Chinese professionals who have lived, studied and worked overseas before returning home is also increasing rapidly. This has had the effect of relaxing some of the […]

Impacts of Teleworking under the NBN - July 2010

Impacts of Teleworking under the NBN – Access Economics July 2010

Access Economics has been commissioned by the Department of Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy to undertake an analysis of the benefits of teleworking, including a broad quantitative assessment of the benefits of teleworking. The term ‘teleworking’ is used broadly to refer to any work that is conducted outside of the designated place of business. […]

Australia’s Commercial Relationship with Japan – DFAT 2008

The year 2007 was in many ways a landmark year in the history of Australia’s commercial relationship with Japan. It was the 50th anniversary of the signing of the bilateral Agreement on Commerce that helped reinvigorate trade in the post-World War II period, and it saw the beginning in earnest of negotiations on a new […]

IP Manual for Engineering Team Sprusons Feb 2009

Intellectual Property Manual for the Engineering Team – Sprusons Ferguson February 2009

The fundamental role of engineers is to use scientific principles to obtain prescribed outcomes through applied engineering processes, although there is some blurring of the boundaries between science and engineering. Where the engineering processes or, elements of them are original, inventions can be created inherently containing registrable Intellectual Property (IP). It is therefore certain that […]

Australian Financial Markets Report – AFMA 2007

The Australian Financial Markets Report for 2007 again shows sustained vigour across the board. Turnover on exchange-traded markets in equities and futures was up significantly by a combined 32.2%, and OTC markets sustained momentum at over 14.6% growth. Both markets have recorded increases consistently since 1999-2000. Whilst most market segments posted positive results, reflecting strong […]

Policies for Internet Economy – OECD June 2008

The Internet is transforming our economies and societies. It provides an open, decentralised platform for communication, collaboration, innovation, productivity improvement and economic growth. Along with information and communication technologies (ICTs) it promotes closer integration of the global economy and interactions that increase general well-being. As the services it supports become pervasive, ubiquitous and more essential […]

Anatomy of UK Alternative Investment Market (AIM) – Noble ABR May 2008

The founding principle of Alternative Investment Market (AIM) was to provide liquidity and low-cost capital to companies that would otherwise have to raise money from venture capital or business angels. In fulfilling this objective, Alternative Investment Market (AIM) has been a huge success by any measure – and the numbers of overseas companies that are now choosing […]

Science Technology and Industry Scoreboard – OECD 2007

This eighth edition of the Science Technology and Industry Scoreboard brings together the latest data and indicators on trends in knowledge, on globalisation and on its impact on economic performance in OECD and non-member economies. In this edition, the focus broadens to include emerging countries, with a special focus on the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, […]

South Africa’s ICT Market – Victoria Government November 2007

This document is the second Emerging Market Strategy released and takes as its subject the assessment of South Africa as an ICT producer and consumer and what this means for Victoria, with the target audience being the Victorian ICT Industry. The research undertaken by the Centre for Strategic Economic Studies (CSES), Victoria University and BMI-Tech […]

Turning Green into Gold – CleanTech Ventures October 2007

Australia has a long history of technological invention, a dynamic economy and an energetic engagement with environmental issues. Cleantech – which brings together technology, environmental and financial performance – seems to be a natural fit. The term “cleantech” embraces knowledge based products and services that optimise the use of natural resources while reducing ecological impact […]