SA Electronics Indutry 10 year Strategic Plan EIA Oct 2005

South Australian Electronics Industry 10 year Strategic Plan – EIA October 2005

In particular, the EIA gratefully acknowledges the financial support and advice that Ray Garrand, Chief Executive of the Department of Trade and Economic Development has provided. Ray and his team of specialised staff have provided industry collaboration tailored to the unique requirements of the South Australian electronics industry. Without the financial contributions from the Department […]

2002 Contribution of ICT to Economic Growth DCITA

Contribution of ICT to Economic Growth – DCITA December 2002

The heavily interconnected nature of a developed economy with long and complex value chains highlights the pervasiveness of ICT as a general purpose technology. Even if some businesses or economic sectors of activity do not yet use these technologies in critical business applications, their suppliers, customers and competitors increasingly do so. Thus, over time, fundamental […]

Profile of Successful Australian ICT SMEs – AIIA September 2002

This activity was undertaken to present a profile of successful Australian ICT companies, determine the common critical success factors, and identify potential market opportunities for the industry. The report demonstrates that successful ICT companies exist across a wide range of industry segments. The common success factors were access to overseas markets throughout the United States, […]

2001 Australian Venture Capital Year Book

Australian Venture Capital Year Book – AVCAL February 2002

A highlight of 2001 was the decision by the Australian Government to legislate for the creation of Venture Capital Limited Partnerships, and to provide certain foreign institutional investors, including funds of funds, with exemption from capital gains tax. This is a major breakthrough, and we congratulate the Government for its leadership. During 2001, the Australian […]

India New Economy Old Economy – DFAT December 2001

Since 1991, when India started reforms, its economy has grown much more strongly than in the previous 40 years, to become one of the world’s fastest growing emerging economies. Major 1990s reforms included liberalising trade and foreign investment laws, floating the currency and reducing industrial licensing. Stronger growth produced rapid gains in per capita income […]

Study of Government R&D Expenditure – John Howard February 2000

This report provides an overview of Commonwealth support for R&D by industry sector (ANSZIC code). These estimates are based upon an analysis of the socio-economic objectives of R&D funded by the Commonwealth. This is the first time the data has been presented in this form. It also contains information on the fields of research supported […]