Creative Industries - A Strategy for 21st Century - DIISR September 2011

Creative Industries – A Strategy for 21st Century – DIISR September 2011

Creative Industries, a Strategy for 21st Century Australia recognises for the first time, at a national level, the significant contribution of our creative industries and their ongoing importance to our economy and culture. Achieving a competitive creative industries sector is vital to Australia’s prosperity, propelling a creative, imaginative nation in the 21st century. Creative Industries […]

Engaging Asia - Getting it Right - AIGroup March 2013

Engaging Asia – Getting it Right – AIGroup March 2011

In 2010 AsiaLink and the Australian Industry Group (Ai Group) undertook a survey of Australian business knowledge, experience and confidence in Asia. Businesses surveyed include Ai Group members who employ around 750,000 staff in a range of manufacturing, construction and services sectors including: engineering, automotive, food, transport, information technology, telecommunications, call centres, labour hire, printing, […]

Australia’s Productivity Challenge – Grattan Institute February 2011

Productivity is what a workplace, a business or government agency, an industry, a region or a nation ‘gets’ by way of goods and services for what it ‘puts in’, in terms of labour, capital and other factors of production. Economists (and others) have long recognized that productivity growth is the only sustainable source of improvements […]

China's Program for Science Technology Modernization USCC Jan 2011

China’s Program for Science and Technology Modernization – USCC January 2011

Viewing science and technology as the key to economic development and international competitiveness, the government of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) has launched a comprehensive effort to become an innovative nation by 2020 and a global scientific power by 2050. China’s effort will draw significantly on the resources and planning role of the state, […]

Science Around The World Status Report - UNESCO 2010

Science Around The World Status Report – UNESCO 2010

The UNESCO Science Report 2010 holds a mirror to the evolving status of science in the five years since its predecessor was published in 2005. It shows in particular how, while the disparities between countries and regions remain huge, the proliferation of digital information and communication technologies is increasingly modifying the global picture. By making […]

Innovation Index of Australian Industry - IBM Melbourne Institute 2010

Innovation Index of Australian Industry – IBM Melbourne Institute November 2010

The IBM – Melbourne Institute Innovation Index of Australian Industry is a comprehensive, inter-industry, multi-indicator approach to measuring the rate of innovative activity in Australia. It embraces six different dimensions of innovation which have all been adjusted for the level of economic activity. Accordingly, the Innovation Index is a measure of the proportion of total […]

Innovation – New Thinking New Directions – AIGroup October 2010

Several important aspects of current practice in Australian innovation were revealed by the Al Group Innovation Survey. A substantial proportion of survey respondents (75%) have introduced new products or services in the past year, and over 80% have undertaken business process innovation. Half of all firms have made significant efforts to change the business culture […]

Australian Government Industry Assistance Review – Productivity Commission June 2010

The Australian Government assists industries through an array of measures, including import tariffs, budgetary outlays, taxation concessions, and regulatory restrictions on competition.  Although assistance generally benefits the receiving industry, it can penalise other industries, taxpayers and consumers. Industry assistance measures are more likely to yield a net pay-off to the community when targeted at significant […]