Australian National eHealth Strategy – Deloitte September 2008

The Australian health care system is straining to deal with increasing cost and demand pressures and a shortage of skilled health care workers. Given this reality, we need to move to a system where every interaction between consumers and care providers achieves maximum impact on health outcomes and where scarce financial and human resources are […]

Statement Intellectual Property Principles for Australian Government Agencies – July 2008

The Australian Government is a major investor in the creation and development of intellectual property (IP) through its many activities in science, health, education, public infrastructure, information technology, defence and arts and culture. The Intellectual Property Principles for Australian Government Agencies (‘the Statement of IP Principles’) provides a policy for the management of IP by […]

2008 Australian Insurance Industry Facts & Figures PWC 2008

Report: 2008 Australian Insurance Industry Facts Figures PWC 2008 Welcome to the annual Pricewaterhouse Coopers’ Insurance Facts and Figures which shows 2007 as the turning point for results in the insurance sector. A few highlights from the past year: Whilst the 2007 results remain robust, there was a clear upward trend in loss ratios for […]

2008 Australian Insurance Industry Viewpoint PWC Apr 2008

Report: 2008-australian-insurance-viewpoint-pwc-apr-2008 Welcome to the launch and first edition of PricewaterhouseCoopers’ Insurance Viewpoint in Australia. Insurance Viewpoint brings our thought leaders in the insurance industry to the market to share their insights into the future drivers in the sector. Comprised of a series of chapters, this first chapter looks at Operational Excellence in General Insurance. […]

Year Book Australia – ABS February 2008

Year Book Australia provides a comprehensive overview of the economic and social conditions of contemporary Australia. It is a statistically-oriented publication with sufficient background information to establish a context for the statistics and to assist in understanding and interpreting them. It also contains descriptive matter dealing with Australia’s geography and climate, the environment, government, international […]

2004 National Australian Health ICT Strategy BCG

2004 National Australian Health ICT Strategy BCG This influential report by the Boston Consulting Group on a national australian health ICT strategy led to the formation of NEHTA, the National E-Health Transformation Authority, chartered to improve the level of standardisation within ICT projects in the Australian e-health industry. The report summarises the major findings and […]

2003 Broadband in Hospitals – Economic Impact – Access Economics DCITA

Broadband in Hospitals – Economic Impact – Access Economics DCITA December 2003

The National Office for the Information Economy (NOIE) commissioned Access Economics to assess the economic impact of an accelerated rollout of broadband in hospitals. This report examines the impact of a particular intervention – accelerated rollout of broadband connecting major hospitals and specialist medical centres. Telehealth applications such as telepsychiatry and teleradiology have a strong […]

Implementation Plan for ICT Research for the National Research Priorities – DSTO May 2003

DSTO’s mission is to ‘provide expert, impartial and innovative application of science and technology to the defence of Australia and its national interests’. This mission maps completely onto the Priority Goal of Transformational Defence Technologies within the Safeguarding Australia Research Priority. As well, DSTO’s research contributes to other Priority Goals in the Safeguarding Australia and […]