Digital Content Industry Futures CIE DCITA May 2005

Digital Content Industry Futures – CIE DCITA May 2005

This report examines the future for Australia’s digital content industries. It has been prepared collaboratively drawing on the views of the CIE and the Strategic Industry Leaders Group (the SILG) contributing to the Australian Government’s Digital Content Industry Action Agenda (DCIAA). Measuring and examining digital content is complicated by the fact that there is not […]

Social Impact Mobile Phones in Australia DCITA Apr 2005

Social Impact of Mobile Phones in Australia – DCITA April 2005

More and more mobile phones are in use in Australia and are having a pervasive impact on Australian society. Because of this, there is a general and growing interest in industry, academia and government in the social impact of mobile phones usage on the people and institutions of Australia—from public policy, economic and social impact […]

2003 Selling to Fed Govt - A guide for SMEs AIIA ACS DCITA

Selling ICT to Federal Government – A guide for SMEs – AIIA ACS DCITA 2003

Selling anything to the Australian Government is challenging – selling Information and Communications Technology (ICT) is particularly competitive. There is considerable evidence to suggest that a large number of SMEs have long standing and successful relationships with Australian Government agencies. This is evident in the Department of Finance and Administration data that indicates over 60 […]

Freight & Logistics – Case for Adoption of Open Data Standards – DCITA October 2003

In order for businesses to function they need to manage information internally and exchange information with trading partners. While in the past this has largely been done by telephone, fax and paper-based systems, modern business increasingly relies on information technology and computer networks. The advantages of using information technology tools are undeniable and their use […]

2002 Australian Govt Use of Information Technology 2002

Australian Government Use of Information and Communication Technology – MAC 2002

Australian Government is committed to providing the best possible services to the community. Achieving this goal is dependent on maximising the effectiveness of policy development and program delivery, planning and budgetary arrangements, decision-making processes, organisational structures, workplace relations and people management. Much reform has been undertaken in these areas and significant gains in performance have […]

2002 Winning in the Global ICT Industry McKinsey DCITA

Winning in the Global ICT Industry – McKinsey DCITA December 2002

Building a globally competitive ICT industry is an attractive and worthy objective. The ICT sector has the potential to make a significant contribution to domestic growth and the nation’s trade balance. It can also generate many benefits for the broader economy by enabling efficiency gains in a raft of industries. It deserves substantial industry and […]