2009 Australian Defence Budget Released

2009 Australian defence budget have been released. May 2009 Australian Defence Budget Papers The purpose of the 2009-10 Portfolio Budget Statements (PBS) is to inform Senators and Members of Parliament of the proposed allocation of resources to Government outcomes by agencies within the portfolio. Agencies receive resources from the annual appropriations acts, special appropriations (including […]

Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO) Review of Admin and Expenditure 2007-2008 – Feburary 2009

The Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO) is Australia’s security service. It is a critical component of Australia’s national security community and deals with threats to Australia’s security. ASIO’s roles and responsibilities are set out in the ASIO Act. ASIO’s primary function is to collect, analyse and disseminate security intelligence. In this context, the ASIO Act […]

ASX IPO Activity Dives in 2008 – Deloitte December 2008

The best performing IPO for 2008 was Phosphate Australia, which listed on 1 July after raising $10 million on the back of soaring prices for phosphate, an essential fertiliser input. At one stage, the company had produced a gain of more than 300% for investors, before sliding to 70% at the survey cut off date. […]

Review Homeland and Border Security – Ric Smith Decmeber 2008

At any time Australia faces threats from a range of sources which in different ways can put our institutions of state, our people, our economic assets and our technology at risk. These hazards include espionage, foreign interference, terrorism, politically motivated violence, border violations, drug trafficking, cyber attack, organised crime, natural disasters, industrial accidents and biosecurity […]

Australian National Counter-Terrorism Plan – Alert System October 2008

The National Counter-Terrorism Plan  (NCTP) outlines responsibilities, authorities and the mechanisms to prevent, or if they occur, manage acts of terrorism and their consequences within Australia. The NCTP will be updated as required and reviewed by the National Counter-Terrorism Committee (NCTC) at least every three years, as part of the review of counter-terrorism arrangements. A […]

Statement Intellectual Property Principles for Australian Government Agencies – July 2008

The Australian Government is a major investor in the creation and development of intellectual property (IP) through its many activities in science, health, education, public infrastructure, information technology, defence and arts and culture. The Intellectual Property Principles for Australian Government Agencies (‘the Statement of IP Principles’) provides a policy for the management of IP by […]

Innovation Review – DSTO Submission – April 2008

The Department of Defence and the Australian Defence Force (ADF) together form one of the largest organisations in the country. Defence is a significant player in the innovation domain. In 2008-09 departmental appropriations will be $21,757.8m. The organisation consists of approximately 52,000 permanent members of the ADF, some 20,000 reservists, and approximately 21,600 civilian workers. […]

The Street AFP National Security Interoperability Review – Street March 2008

We present the Committee’s Review of the AFP’s national security operations and the effect of the interaction between the AFP and Its national security agency partners in carrying out such operations. The Committee would like to thank all the Australian and international agencies that participated in this review and acknowledge the spirit of cooperation and […]

US Intelligence Sharing Strategy – ODNI February 2008

The need to share information became an imperative to protect our Nation in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks on our homeland. The Intelligence Community’s “need-to-know” culture, a necessity during the Cold War, is now a handicap that threatens our ability to uncover, respond, and protect against terrorism and other asymmetric threats. Each intelligence agency […]

History of Australian Aerospace Industry – Uni Adelaide October 2007

Although Australia as a nation is relatively young in age and small in population, its space and aviation industries are far from undeveloped. To the contrary, Australia has one of the most active and developed aerospace programs in the World, including the HyShot program, a world leading research program into scramjet technology. In addition, Australia […]