AGIMO Releases Australian Federal Government Cloud Computing Strategy Consultation Paper

7th Jan 2011. AGIMO has released a Cloud Computing Strategy Consultation paper on behalf of the Australian Federal Government. Comments should be emailed to In its wide-reaching draft strategy paper, the Department of Finance and Regulation advised that it will allow agencies to “choose cloud based services if they demonstrate value for money and […]

NBN Business Case Summary Released

25th Nov 2010. The Australian government has released a non-confidential summary of the business case for the Australian National Broadband Network after pressure from independent senators. Whilst devoid of any detailed information, the 36 page summary has secured the support of the independent senators to pass the Telstra separation bill this week in the Senate, […]

Cloud Computing Report - ATSE September 2010

Cloud Computing Report – ATSE September 2010

Cloud computing provides a means of accessing a shared pool of configurable computing resources (including networks, servers, storage applications and services) that can be rapidly provided, used and released with minimal effort on the part of users or service providers. There are different types of clouds, ranging from those that are publicly accessible to private […]

Cloud Computing – Deloitte US Working Papers

This collection of working papers from Deloittes in the US discuss various aspects of cloud computing: Click here to view the report. Demystifying clouds — Exploring cloud and service grid architectures Characteristics of an autonomic service architecture Utility computing Cloud composition Cloud vendors and vendor lock-in Virtual organizations and cloud computing Moving information technology platforms […]

Cloud Computing – Deloitte US White Paper

Click Here to view the report. Cloud computing is rapidly becoming a foundational element in global enterprise computing. Companies across a broad variety of industries are developing, offering or implementing cloud technologies. Looking ahead, the Center for the Edge leaders have identified a series of significant disruptions that could be catalyzed by the evolution of […]

2010 Cloud Computing – Storms on Horizon Deloitte US Apr 2010

2010 Cloud Computing – Storms on Horizon Deloitte US Apr 2010 Interest In cloud computing has been spurred by a confl uence of changes in the business and information technology landscape. Today, it is generally viewed as a potentially attractive new form of low cost IT outsourcing, and cloud technology providers and users are focused […]

Cloud Computing: Australian lessons and experiences

Cloud computing promises to bring sweeping changes to the way organisations use information technology. It is currently a focus of attention in business, government and the IT industry. Despite this, decision-makers are still struggling for insights on what it really means in practice, the benefits achievable today, and the challenges associated with trying to exploit […]

Clearing The Air On Cloud Computing – McKinsey March 2009

Using “clouds” for computing tasks promises a revolution in IT similar to the birth of the web and e-commerce trough much lower cost, faster time to market, great opportunities for creating new sources of value. While it has great potential, many of the claims being made about cloud computing have lead some to the point […]

2007 Information Security for Enterprise Architecture – TISN DCITA

Report :   2007 Information Security for Enterprise Architecture – TISN DCITA Rapid development in information and communication technologies and the changing business environment present a range of challenges for organisations that rely on such technologies for day-to-day operations. Critical infrastructure sectors are at particular risk from interruption to information technology operations as this can lead […]