Telework - Working Smarter - AIGroup November 2012

Telework – Working Smarter – AIGroup November 2012

“Work is a thing you do and not a place you go”. Telework – Working smarter. It makes sense then that companies consider new ways to structure when, where and how their employees need to work to be the most effective. Flexible work arrangements allow employees and their employers more scope to choose the location, […]

DIISR Innovation Annual Report 2011-2012 – DIISR Oct 2012

The Department of Industry, Innovation, Science, Research and Tertiary Education has prepared this report according to the Requirements for annual reports for departments, executive agencies and FMA Act bodies, approved by the Joint Committee of Public Accounts and Audit in June 2012. The department reported against three outcomes and associated programs for the 2011–12 financial […]

Developing An Asia Capable Workforce – AsiaLink September 2012

Asia is positioned to drive global economic growth for at least the next decade, presenting Australia with extraordinary opportunities. Our businesses are well placed to capitalise on this growth and we have had notable successes – but in the face of increasing global and regional competition we must secure our future through innovative investment in […]

Australia’s Productivity Problem Opportunity – McKinsey Aug 2012

Although they may not always feel it, Australians are more prosperous than ever. As recently as 1990, the nation ranked 16th among OECD countries in terms of per capita GDP; just two decades later, in 2010, it stood in sixth place. Australia overtook the United States in terms of income per head back in 2005. […]

Smarter Manufacturing for a Smarter Australia PMs Taskforce - August 2012

Smarter Manufacturing for a Smarter Australia PMs Taskforce – August 2012

Smarter Manufacturing for a Smarter Australia is a report of the non-government members of the Prime Minister’s Taskforce on Manufacturing comprising business and union leaders. The leaders have benefitted from the advice of CSIRO, a number of academics, the expertise and support of a Secretariat drawn from a number of Commonwealth Departments and agencies and […]

Mastercard releases Global Mobile Payments Readiness Index

29th June 2012. A new global study from MasterCard Worldwide shows Australia is on track for a cashless future – but the country still has obstacles to overcome before mobile payments become the norm. The winners are – Canada, Japan, Kenya, Singapore, and the US. Click here to view/download the report (23Mb in size) The MasterCard Mobile […]

Health of Australian Science Chief Scientist May 2012

Health of Australian Science – Chief Scientist May 2012

Australia’s Chief Scientist, Professor Ian Chubb today launched the Health of Australian Science report, a comprehensive overview of Australia’s science system, outlining our strengths and vulnerabilities. Speaking at the National Press Club in Canberra, he said that overall, ours was a healthy and robust system, but that some identified challenges would lead to long term […]

Business Productivity Indicator – 4th Survey – Telstra March 2012

The fourth annual Telstra Productivity Indicator (TPI) reports on productivity improvement in Australia’s large enterprises and across a range of government organisations. Global economic uncertainty has added considerable strain to organisations, operating in an already challenging domestic business environment. Nevertheless, a group of organisations has maintained their focus on improving productivity with the aim of […]

Cultural Industries Innovation – Urban Informatics – ABF Foth March 2012

Concept of urban informatics looks at how cultural and creative institutions such as galleries, libraries, archives and museums can leverage these new developments to create greater opportunities for knowledge, democratisation, individual and community engagement and innovation for creative industries and practices. The fellowship paper explores the concept of urban informatics which covers how knowledge is […]

A Guide to Takeovers in Australia – Mallesons 2012

This guide provides a general introduction to key legal issues and considerations involved in making, or responding to, a bid to acquire control of a publicly-listed entity in Australia. The guide covers the: general laws and regulatory bodies governing acquisitions of interests in public companies; most common methods of acquiring control: off-market takeover bids, on-market […]