Innovation Review – Momentum Victoria Submission – April 2008

The Momentum Investment Group Pty Ltd (“Momentum”) is a venture capital manager and the parent company for Momentum Funds Management Pty Ltd (“MFM”). MFM manages the Momentum Ventures Unit Trust, a fund established in the first round of the Innovation Investment Fund (“IIF”) program. This submission is based on Momentum’s extensive involvement with venture capital, […]

Best Practices for Canada Angel Groups – NAO April 2008

Creating an investment “bible” for Angels in Ontario is akin to herding lions naked. At best, it’s a highrisk undertaking that leaves one exposed in a variety of vulnerable spots. Angels, active or passive, are by temperament rugged individuals, seasoned entrepreneurs who have forged businesses, commercialized innovation, and built enduring organizations. They are the last […]

Innovation Review – TVP Submission – April 2008

Technology Venture Partners is an Australian early-stage venture capital investor focussing on the Information Technologies and Communications sectors. It was established in 1997 by two of the founding executives of the Australian Technology Group (a Federal Government funded venture capital company which was established in 1993). At the time of its establishment, ATG was the […]

Venture Capital and Later Stage Private Equity 2006-2007 – ABS February 2008

Investors in Venture Capital and Later Stage Private Equity (VC&LSPE) are generally sophisticated individual investors or organisations such as pension (superannuation) funds. Investors invest in VC&LSPE vehicles which are mainly organised in the form of either trust funds or corporations. There are two types of vehicles: those that generally invest directly in investee companies, and […]

Turning Green into Gold – CleanTech Ventures October 2007

Australia has a long history of technological invention, a dynamic economy and an energetic engagement with environmental issues. Cleantech – which brings together technology, environmental and financial performance – seems to be a natural fit. The term “cleantech” embraces knowledge based products and services that optimise the use of natural resources while reducing ecological impact […]

Australian Venture Capital Year Book – Thomson AVCAL June 2007

Thomson Financial and Australian Venture Capital Association Limited Survey Fiscal Year Ended June 30, 2007 By the end of June 2007, a total of A$8.9 billion of new capital commitments was raised by private equity and venture capital funds. This has been the highest amount of money raised for the region. Successful fund-raising activity was […]

‘Born Global’ International Venturing – August 2007

The Australian Business Foundation and the University of Queensland Business School have undertaken a research project on the additional international expansion of Australian ‘born global’ firms, entitled Born to be Global. Born global firms are those that have deliberately ventured overseas soon after their birth. The aim of this research project was twofold: to chart […]

Submission to Senate Inquiry into Private Equity – AVCAL May 2007

The Australian Private Equity & Venture Capital Association Limited (“AVCAL”) welcomes the Inquiry into Private Equity by the Senate Standing Committee on Economics.The inquiry provides a timely opportunity for fact-based discussion among all stakeholders. AVCAL was established in 1992 as a forum for participants in the private equity and venture capital industry. AVCAL is the […]

Australian Venture Capital Year Book – June 2004

1. All figures are expressed in Australian dollars ($A Millions). 2. Data coverage for this report is up to June 30, 2004. 3. Fiscal year means the year ended June 30, 2004. 4. Calendar year means the year ended December 31, 2003. However, for tables where 2004 figures are re ported, data coverage is only […]

2003 Australian Venture Capital Year Book

2003 Australian Venture Capital Year Book – AVCAL June 2004

The Australian private equity & venture capital industry returned to sustainable growth in 2003 after record activity in the previous four years. Listed equity markets offered little opportunity for exits in 2003 while investment opportunities in the venture sector normalised. Total private equity invested in Australian companies in the financial year to 30 June 2003 […]